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100% Automatic tracking update system for your eBay account

Time Saving Machine for Dropshippers.
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Feedback Generator

Super effective automated messaging system.
Get ready to receive up to 327% more positive feedbacks.
Brilliant feature invented by professional dropshippers.

Give your buyers personal attention, show them you care and your positive feedback is guaranteed.

Chili-Tracker will:

  • Leave great feedback for all your buyers.
  • Personaly thank your buyers for their orders and let them know that shipping preparations already started.
  • Let your buyers know as soon as their items is on the way.
  • Nicely ask your buyers for a feedback using unique generated feedback link.

  • All messages can be Customized & Personalized.
  • Free great message templates are provided (written by a professional copywriter)

Walmart Express

Frustrated waiting decades for Walmart to update tracking information ?

Fast tracking update is critical for Top-Rated / Above-Standard status and providing great customer service (you want positive feedback, don't you ?)
That's why we invented Walmart-Express!
A unique solution, developed by Chili-Tracker.
Our system will get the tracking information from Walmart with lightning speed.


All features for unlimited number of orders and messages for a fixed price!

For only 14.99$ / month:

  • No more tedious manual updating of tracking numbers
  • No more boring and repetitive messaging to your customers
  • Focus on making money and let us do the boring and dirty jobs